"It takes a village to raise a child." It’s not until we become parents ourselves that we realize how much we really need each other for support along this exciting but challenging journey. As budding parents, we all need guidance and wisdom from those who have been in our shoes, and camaraderie from our peers when we find ourselves feeling anxious, confused or overwhelmed by all the nuances and changes that motherhood brings.  

We offer period workshops, classes and events to help you connect with other growing families in the area and to empower you with information and support from peers and professionals as you navigate through the amazing world of pregnancy and parenting.  To stay informed about upcoming events please sign up for our newsletter or visit our facebook page.

We also offer Private Consultations with pregnancy and parenting educator Dahlia Greenbaum in person, by phone, skype, email and text.

Dahlia Greenbaum teaches families and schools how to nourish children through conscious connection. She utilizes a holistic framework, focusing on our human capacity to empathize and support the underlying needs and emotions which drive a child’s behavior. Dahlia studied psychology at the University of Southern California, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree cum laude.  She worked with families and teachers as a behavior intervention specialist, and spent seven years studying the  importance of a regulated nervous system through Somatic Experiencing Therapy, which has strongly informed her parenting philosophy today.  Dahlia enriches her expertise through regular participation in parenting workshops, and feels truly blessed to be able to share her passion with fellow parents and educators, while continuing to learn from children everyday.


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