Alisha Tamburri

HypnoBirthing® is a complete Childbirth Education course which prepares both the mother and her birth companion for pregnancy, birth and parenthood. HypnoBirthing helps release conscious and subconscious fears. It relaxes the mind and body so birth can be a joyful experience. Alisha Tamburri is a clinical hynotherapist, birth doula who gave birth blissfully; pain free, drug free to her daughters using hypnosis. She has helped hundreds of couples experience fearless births. The class is a hands-on learning experience in a fun environment. Many of her couples are referred by OBGYN's, MD's, and Midwives who have also used HypnoBirthing for the birth of their own babies. Alisha also specializes in turning breech babies, breastfeeding issues, and pregnancy anxieties. Alisha's involvement in HypnoBirthing has been featured in numerous TV shows and films.

Alisha discusses hypnobirth and its acceptance by doctors and nurses for birth in a hospial setting.

Alisha demonstrates an example of Hypnosis.


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