Doula is an ancient Greek word most commonly translated as female maidservant. A doula in today's world is a trained and experienced woman who accompanies a new mother through birth and/or the postpartum period, offering emotional support, physical comfort, practical assistance and non-medical care. In short, a good Birth Doula will spend time during your pregnancy learning what type of birth experience you want to have. Then, during labor and delivery they will be at your side serving your every need and creating the happily memorable birth experience that you want. We know all of the following doulas personally and we can assure you that they are among the very best Doulas in our area. These are amazing women and you definately want one of them at your side as you labor and deliver your baby. Towards the middle of your pregnancy, give a couple of Doulas a call. If you enjoy talking to them on the phone, invite them to your home and interview them. You are going to have a tough time deciding between the doulas in this group...they are all amazing.

In these videos you will find Doulas answering questions about their field of expertise. Enjoy! If you have questions that you would like to ask a doula, send us an email



1) What is a doula? What kind of training does a doula have? What does a doula do during and after labor and delivery?

2) I have a very supportive partner, should I still get a doula?

3) I am planning on getting an epidural. Why would I want a doula?

4) I am scheduled for a C-section; what is the point of a doula?

Margie Levy


1) What is a doula?

2) What is the role of the birth partner? How does it differ from the doula?

3) How can a doula help labor progress without drugs or other medical intervention?

4) What is the benefit of a doula at an epidural birth?


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