Note: The services that we provide in our office are non-medical, and non-invasive and are not meant to actively or directly 'induce' labor, which is an obstetric procedure.  We use a combination of chiropractic and massage to ease the tension in stiff pelvic muscles and restore movement to restricted pelvic bones in order to try and minimize resistance to the baby's natural ability to drop down against the cervix, which naturally causes the onset of labor.  We also utilize Chinese medicine with a great degree of success.  While we frequently get panicky calls for patients wanting to be squeezed into the schedule at the last minute, we strongly recommend starting the labor preparation techniques at least four weeks prior to your due date.  For more information, please call our office (323) 549-0070.

Case: Tracy came for labor preparation and in hopes to prevent having her baby overdue.

"I was referred by my sister-in-law who had luck delivering soon after treatment.  She was overdue, and I knew I would be too.  The baby was nowhere near dropping at 38 weeks."

Who did you receive treatment from at Berlin Wellness Group? 
Dr. Elliot Berlin for Chiropractic and Massage
Jason Starr for Acupuncture

What was your impression of the level of care you received?
"I always really looked forward to coming even thought it was far away and treatments were pretty painful!"

What was your treatment outcome?
"I did deliver 9 days late, however it went very well.  I had a lot of help getting my hips to open up more before delivery."

Tracy H. 
Pasadena, CA 

Case: Silke was three days past her due date with her first baby and not showing any signs of labor.  Her doctor was pressuring her to 'strip her membranes' and induce within the next few days.  She called us on the morning of the 17th desperately looking for ways to get labor started naturally.  We were able to squeeze Silke into the schedule for Chiropractic, Massage and Acupuncture that same day.

What was your impression of the level of care you received?
"Dr. Berlin and Jason Starr pulled out all the stops and took very good care of me.  I had a massage, a chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture."

What was your treatment outcome?
"The treatment was very successful.  Within 10 hours I went into labor.  I was so glad that I was able to avoid being induced medically."

Please Share Any Additional Comments:
"When I called Dr. Berlin's office for help, I had never been to his practice before.  I really appreciate that he and his staff made time to see me the same day and were willing to help on such short notice.  I will recommend Berlin Wellness Group to my pregnant friends."

Silke C.
Los Angeles, CA

Case: Liza came in hours before a scheduled induction to try to avoid being medically induced.

I initially came to Berlin Wellness Group to avoid another induction at the hospital. I was induced with my first child and it made labor and delivery longer and more laborious. On the day I was asked to go to the hospital for the second baby to be induced I asked my doctor if I could try natural things to help get labor going and I was directed to Dr. Berlin and Jason.

Within hours of my treatment I found myself having contractions and naturally going into labor - no pitocin required - YEAH! Thanks to Dr. Berlin, Jason and the BWG staff I had a calm, safe and easy labor and delivery of my beautiful healthy baby girl. Thank you for this amazing experience!

Liza M.
Sherman Oaks, CA


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