Case: Marie came in at 32 weeks for low back and hip pain and discomfort and a posterior baby.  Knowing that these symptoms often indicate pelvic dysfunction her doula recommended our services.

"I initially came to Berlin Wellness Group because my birthing coach recommended it as a great place to come open up my pelvic area in order to make room for my baby to turn into the ideal anterior position."

Who did you receive treatment from at Berlin Wellness Group?
Dr. Berlin for Chiropractic and Massage
Jason Starr for Acupuncture

What was your impression of the level of care you received?
I felt the level of care that I received was excellent.  I felt cared for both physically and emotionally and enjoyed benefit from the chiropractic, massage and acupuncture.

What was your treatment outcome?
After I started care at Berlin Wellness group I became much more relaxed, focused, happy and physically comfortable.  I kept up the care and enjoyed the final months of my pregnancy.  However, I ended up having a C-section due to both the small size of my birth canal and the large size of my baby's head.  

Any Additional Thoughts or Comments?
On behalf of myself, my husband and our new son, James, I want to thank everyone at Berlin Wellness Group for their expertise and kind care.  My entire birth journey was great enriched by my treatments.

Marie R. 
Santa Monica, CA


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