Fetal Growth

In late pregnancy you will absolutely love and fully appreciate your prenatal visits to our office.  By this point your body has expanded a great deal and you have gained twenty to thirty pounds or more.  The strain on your mind and body may cause shortness of breath, swelling of your hands and feet, varicose veins, achy hips, abdominal cramps, round ligament pain and difficulty sleeping.

Aside from providing you with incredible symptom relief, third trimester sessions help prepare your pelvis for labor and delivery.  During this time, your baby needs to turn and drop down in preparation for his or her journey into this world.  By making sure that your spine and pelvic bones are unrestricted and that your muscles and ligaments are relaxed (Berlin Uterine Release Technique), we can remove obstacles that sometimes interfere with this vital shift.  These techniques together with deep relaxation exercises will prepare you and your baby for a natural and healthy birthing experience.

Third Trimester


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