Dr. Elliot Berlin - Prenatal Chiropractor
Dr. Elliot Berlin - Prenatal Chiropractor

Berlin Uterine Release Technique

As one of the only chiropractors in the world whose practice is primarily limited to pregnant and postpartum clients, Dr. Berlin has become a leading expert and innovator in prenatal wellness care.  Recognizing that there are over 300 (mostly unwanted) cesarean sections performed each day in the United States solely due to breech positioning, Dr. Berlin has been exploring the causes of breech positioning and innovating solutions.

Over the past five years, Dr. Berlin has been able to identify several functional contributors to breech positioning.  Some are addressed by a chiropractic maneuver called the Webster Technique.  But another factor, abnormally tense and dysfunctional muscles and tendons around the pelvis were not being addressed.  With a strong background in massage, Dr. Berlin developed a protocol for releasing these tight soft tissues and restoring normal function.  By combining Dr. Berlin's Uterine Release Technique with the Webster Technique our success rates in helping babies and momies avoid cesarean has skyrocketted.

The Berlin Uterine Release Technique is also used to improve pelvic function in preparation for labor and delivery.  Women with a history of running, dance, gymnastics and other hip flexor activities tend to have unusually strong and tight pelvic muscles and will benefit tremendously from this technique prior to labor and delivery.

Over the past two years Dr. Berlin has started training other chiropractors and hopes to make the technique available throughout the country in the near future.


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