Throughout pregnancy the body undergoes functional changes to the musculoskeletal system that cause between 50 to 85% of pregnant and postpartum women to develop some form of pain. Additionally, several pregnancy hormones are released that influence changes throughout the body. Progesterone, estrogen and relaxin are responsible for many of the changes in the body that promote and support pregnancy such as facilitating fat storage, development of breast tissue and easing tension in the ligaments of the pelvis. These changes result in altered biomechanics that cause an increase in mobility and loss in spinal stability. This increase in mobility, though important for pregnancy, labor and delivery, can often cause dysfunction in the joints of the spine and result in lower back pain.

After childbirth, the ligaments begin to tighten again; possibly in the dysfunctional position that was adopted during pregnancy. The resulting abnormal tension produces restrictions in your back and pelvis that can cause pain. These restrictions can be treated effectively with chiropractic care.

Sometimes during a vaginal birth the pubic bones become separated too far and there is intense pubic pain and difficulty walking in the days following delivery. Chiropractic care is used to restore normal function, minimize pain and get you walking comfortably as soon as possible.

During pregnancy there is also an increased risk of injuring the discs in the lower back. As a woman progresses in pregnancy her center of gravity moves backward causing an increased demand on the muscles in the lower back. These changes in themselves can be responsible for pain, but when combined with spinal instability and increased abdominal girth can result in injury to a disc. The effects of the injury persist even after childbirth.

Many times women who have never experienced back pain develop 'mommy neck' and 'mommy back' after childbirth as they care for their newborns. Feeding, changing, bathing, and dressing the baby all day and night strain the neck and upper back. Lack of sleep only exacerbates the problem.

Our doctors are experienced in treating the different types of pain and discomfort as a result of pregnancy by recognizing the cause of the problem and restoring proper balance and function to the body.


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