Caring for your health is crucial during the weeks following birth. Once baby is born changes quickly take place in your body as you adapt to caring for a new infant. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are excellent modalities for restoring balance, decreasing stress and promoting healthy lactation. After a Cesarean, acupuncture can help your body recover from the surgery. Acupuncture can be initiated just days after you deliver.

Chinese herbs are sometimes used in conjunction with acupuncture to maximize therapeutic effect. Herbs that are used are not only a natural and gentle alternative treatment, but are chosen specifically for the needs of the individual. When being treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine, the focus of treatment is based on that of the individual and not simply on the condition. Herbs are then chosen based on the individuals needs and on the safety based specifically on where you are in your pregnancy, postpartum, and/or breastfeeding.


Insufficient or Excessive Lactation Peripheral neuropathy

Insomnia Postpartum Depression

Energy Recovery Fatigue

Blocked Duct Restoring Normal Uterine Tone & Function

Constipation Hormonal Imbalance

Pain Management Hemorrhoids

Postpartum Vaginal Discharge Mastitis

Postoperative Healing

Medical studies focusing on the effects of acupuncture on conditions such as postpartum depression and insufficient lactation have found that acupuncture is both an effective and safe therapy to treat these conditions. The benefits of acupuncture and herbs can help ensure that you are at your optimal level of health at such an important time in your life.


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