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Although it can seem like there is not much going on in lives of babies, this is a new and exciting time for them.  It may seem like they do little but eat, sleep and demand attention - with a regular diaper change thrown in for good measure - but they are learning more now than they will ever learn again in such a short period of time.  Little wonder that it can take time to adjust, from being thrust suddenly from a state of tranquility, warmth and comfort into a world of changing faces, cold winds, warm baths and, well, everything else that we see every day and take for granted.

We are not trying to suggest that massaging your baby will ensure that they will be a happy and easy child, but the benefits of learning to massage your baby may ease some of the problems that you could encounter along the way.

Reported Benefits for Babies Include:

  • Relief of discomfort from teething, congestion, gas, colic, and emotional stress 
  • Intimate interaction between parent and baby, helping to foster the parent /infant bond
  • Stimulating the body to encourage healthy growth of the nervous system
  • Increased oxygen and nutrient flow to cells
  • Improved muscle tone and circulation
  • Improved sensory awareness
  • Helping baby to sleep deeper and longer
  • Improved digestion

Reported Benefits For Parents Include:

  • Parents feeling more confident in their parent role
  • Helping to ease stress of working parents who must be away from their infant
  • Increasing parents' ability to help the baby relax in times of stress or discomfort
  • Offering parents a time to relax with their infant
  • Providing special bonding for fathers and infants

At Berlin Wellness Group, infant/toddler massage is offered by Jesse  You can choose to have private sessions or learn to massage your baby in a small group.  For more information, call our office (323) 549-0070.


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